Rules & Policies

Series NumberTitleDescriptionEffective DateCategory
1Perkins FormulaProcedural Rule July 1, 2003Organization, Fiscal
2FinanceLegislative RuleApril 20, 2009Fiscal
3Conversion of Non-Credit Training Activities to College-Level CreditProcedural RuleFebruary 28, 2008Organization, Workforce
4Rules, Guidelines, and Other Policy Statements by Governing BoardsProcedural RuleMay 5, 2013Organization
5Employing and Evaluating PresidentsLegislative RuleApril 20, 2009Personnel
6Performance IndicatorsLegislative RuleApril 20, 2009Organization, Educational Programs
7Technical Program Development and West Virginia Advance Rapid Response Workforce DevelopmentProcedural RuleFebruary 23, 2012Students, Workforce
9Academic Freedom, Professional Responsibility, Promotion, and TenureProcedural RuleDecember 23, 2008Personnel
10Policy Regarding Program ReviewProcedural RuleSeptember 30, 2005Educational Programs
11Degree Designation, General Education Requirements, New Program Approval, and Discontinuance of Existing ProgramsProcedural RuleJuly 15, 2011Educational Programs
12Capital Project ManagementLegislative RuleJune 8, 2018Buildings and Grounds
13Change in Organization of Colleges and SchoolsProcedural RuleSeptember 30, 2005Organization
14HolidaysProcedural RuleSeptember 30, 2005Organization
15Acceptance of Advanced Placement CreditLegislative RuleDecember 14, 2005Educational Programs
16 College Level Examination ProgramProcedural RuleSeptember 30, 2005Educational Programs
17Transferability of Credits and Grades at West Virginia Public Colleges and UniversitiesProcedural RuleNovember 30, 2015Educational Programs
18Assignment of Academic Credit and Financing Noncredit InstructionProcedural RuleJanuary 12, 2006Educational Programs
19Guidelines for the Offering of Early Enrollment Courses for High School StudentsProcedural RuleMarch 2, 2016Educational Programs
20Authorization of Degree Granting InstitutionsLegislative RuleJune 16, 2013Organization
21Freshman Assessment and Placement StandardsProcedural RuleDecember 30, 2016Educational Programs
22Grade Point Average for Associate and Baccalaureate Degree StudentsProcedural RuleJanuary 12, 2006Educational Programs
23Standards and Procedures for Undergraduate Admissions at Community and Technical CollegesProcedural RuleMarch 13, 2015Students
24Preparation of Students for CollegeProcedural RuleAugust 10, 2002Educational Programs
25Residency Classification for Determining Tuition and FeesProcedural RuleJuly 1, 2017Students
26Council Organization and MeetingsProcedural RuleJanuary 10, 2005Organization, Students
27Workforce Development Initiative ProgramLegislative RuleJune 21, 2012Students, Workforce
28Guidelines for Granting College Credit for Courses Under the West Virginia EDGE, "Earn a Degree, Graduate Early" ProgramProcedural RuleMay 15, 2014Students, Educational Programs
29TravelProcedural RuleSeptember 30, 2005Fiscal
30PurchasingProcedural Rule September 23, 2016Fiscal
31EthicsProcedural RuleSeptember 30, 2005Organization
32Tuition and FeesLegislative RuleJune 21, 2012Students
33Tech Scholars Scholarship ProgramProcedural RuleSeptember 21, 2012Organization, Educational Programs
35Business, Occupational, and Trade SchoolsLegislative RuleJuly 19, 2017Organization
36Sports Programs at Community and Technical CollegesProcedural RuleSeptember 30, 2005Students
37Increased Flexibility for Community and Technical CollegesProcedural RuleDecember 14, 2005Organization
38Employee LeaveProcedural RuleDecember 14, 2005Personnel
40Equal Opportunity Affirmative ActionProcedural RuleNovember 21, 2013Personnel
41Community and Technical College Developmental Education CompetenciesProcedural RuleMay 5, 2013Educational Programs
43Purchasing EfficienciesLegislative RuleApril 6, 2004Fiscal
44Policy Regarding Action to be Taken on Audit ReportsProcedural RuleSeptember 30, 2005Fiscal
45Community and Technical College Faculty Instructional LoadProcedural RuleSeptember 30, 2005Personnel
49Accountability SystemLegislative RuleApril 20, 2009Organization
51Bookstores and TextbooksLegislative RuleMay 22, 2010Students
52Annual Reauthorization of Degree-Granting InstitutionsLegislative RuleJuly 19, 2017Organization
55Human Resources AdministrationLegislative RuleJuly 9, 2018Personnel
56Military Student Withdrawal PolicyProcedural RuleJuly 16, 2014Students
59Awarding Undergraduate College Credit for Prior LearningProcedural RuleNovember 24, 2015Educational Programs
60West Virginia Reverse Transfer ProgramProcedural RuleAugust 31, 2015Educational Programs

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Series 32, Tuition and Fees

Legislative Rule