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On September 6, 2016, ITT Technical Institute announced the immediate closure of its campuses across the country. ITT operated one facility in Huntington, West Virginia and provided multiple online programs throughout the State.

We know students are concerned about what to do now that their school is closing. While the West Virginia Council for Community and Technical College Education does not oversee private colleges, including ITT Technical Institute, we want to help ITT Tech students understand their options and make the best decision.Listed below are two primary options for ITT Tech students:

Transfer of Credits
ITT Tech students may seek a transfer of credits to another school. West Virginia law requires easy transfer of academic credits from accredited institutions to its public and private colleges and universities, as long as those courses meet 70 percent of the same learning outcomes of a course at the new school. This means if the content of a course at ITT matches 70 percent of a course at one of our community colleges, the community college would accept the credit hours from ITT, and the student would not have to retake the same or similar credit-bearing course to complete their degree.

Student Loan Discharge
ITT Tech students may seek a discharge of their federal student loans related to their ITT Tech program. The West Virginia Community and Technical College System is working with the U.S. Department of Education, which administers the Federal Student Aid program (student loans) to find ways to assist ITT students who have received federal financial aid. Most ITT students have received federal student aid. Because ITT is closing, many of those students who have not completed their degrees have the option of seeking a full discharge of their federal student loans if they do not plan to continue that course of study or a similar program at another institution.

Important note: Students may be required to pay those loans back if the student enrolls into a comparable program at another school.

The Department of Education has created a FAQ page that provides information for ITT students about the closure and action against ITT:

Here’s what you should do right now:

1) Obtain a copy of your transcript from ITT. You can locate the ITT portal at:
Note: This portal will only be available until October 31, 2016.

2) Determine how much money you owe in federal student loans. Note: If you have taken out private loans, these loans are separate from federal student loans and you will need to repay those loans or consult with your private lender to determine your options.

To view your federal loans, grants, and additional federal student aid information, visit the National Student Loan Data System:

3) Consider your ability to repay your student loans if you choose to seek transfer of your academic credits and continue in a comparable program. Listed below are the average wages for West Virginians who are working in the fields served by the degree programs that were offered at ITT Tech.

Occupation Median Salary
Accountants and Auditors $59,774.86
Business and Financial Operations $55,954.70
Business Operations Specialists $63,624.70
Software Developers – Applications $87,886.52
Software Developers – Systems Software $77,398.70
Network and Computer Systems Administrators $58,258.26
Electrical Engineers $88,232.46
Industrial Engineers $79,478.41
Drafters $53,685.94
Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Teachers $45,508.12
Detectives and Criminal Investigators $42,099.84
Graphic Designers $37,318.24
Nursing Assistants $23,469.24
Medical Assistants $25,578.06

4) If you are interested in continuing your education at another institution, check out the programs at your local colleges. Links to the programs of study for these colleges are below:

BridgeValley Community and Technical –
Mountwest Community and Technical –

Note: If you decide to transfer to another institution, you will need an official copy of your transcripts. These can be purchased at

5) For additional information about school loan discharges, visit Students can find out who their loan servicer is by visiting

Note: We urge you NOT to pay for any services like loan forgiveness that the Department of Education provides for free.