Learn & Earn


The learn and earn program was developed to improve employer awareness and access to resources in the states educational institutions, provide designated professionals and resources to support workforce education, and allow student to take technical courses while receiving paid work opportunities. 

The co-op experience costs are shared by the company and the state of West Virginia, and students must recieve a minimum of $10 per hour.

This program is a true link between workforce development, economic development, and the educational system in West Virginia.

Rapid Response


This grant covers a variety of opportunities such as pre-employment programs, pr-preparation programs, skills upgrades, new and expanding companies, job retention, and company closing.

A variety of projects could be funded with this grant, so long as they clearly address workforce needs in the state.

Tech Program Development


This grant was developed to facilitate the creation and development of technical programs which are in high demand, lead to high-wage careers, and complement economic development efforts in the state of West Virginia.

Programs receiving this grant must target high demand occupations which will result in wages averaging $12.00 per hour or higher with benefits.

Community and technical colleges are eligible to apply for these grants. If you are interested and need a college partner please see the colleges link at the top of this page.

For community and technical college applicants:

Download the above documents for your grant

Be sure to provide required support letters for your application.

After completing the form, scan and email to Angie Kerns at

Await Approval

Proposals are reviewed by either the Chancellor or Vice Chancellor and by a committee. Once the review process is complete the college president is notified of the status of the application.