Goals for the Community and Technical College System of West Virginia Master Plan 2010 – 2015

Goal 1

Produce graduates with the general education and technical skills needed to be successful in the workplace or subsequent educationStudent success is the primary focus of the Community and Technical College System of West Virginia and its ten community and technical colleges.  Because the System strives to produce graduates who are successful in the workplace and life, results will be measured both in quantitative and qualitative terms. To evaluate the success of a variety of strategies to improve student success, community and technical colleges aim to reach these benchmarks:

  • Award students with 16,000 new certificate degrees and associate degrees
  • The System will have no institution with less than a 30% student success rate and an overall average success rate exceeding 36%
  • Improve the year-to-year retention rate for all students by 10%, 56% to 66%
  • Increase the percentage of students who start developmental education coursework and go on to complete the next college-level course by 10%
  • Achieve a licensure passage rate of no less than 90%

Goal 2

Provide workforce development programs that meet the demands of West Virginia’s employers and enhance West Virginia’s economic development efforts.The Community and Technical College System of West Virginia will strengthen its capacity to develop a globally competitive workforce that meets the needs of current and future West Virginia employers.  Over the next five years, the System will take a longer term focus by strengthening existing employer partnerships and developing new collaborations.  The effectiveness of the systems’ efforts will be measured against these milestones:

  • Provide more than 3.3 million contact hours of training over the next five yearsIncrease the number of employers directly provided with workforce education and training services by 10%
  • Award more than 13,000 career-technical certificate and associate degrees over the next five years.
  • Create and implement at least 24 new technical programs to meet new and emerging workforce needsDevelop 29 thriving regional industry sector partnerships

Goal 3 

Provide access to affordable, comprehensive community and technical college education in all regions of West Virginia.It is the goal of the Community and Technical College System of West Virginia to assist students in overcoming the barriers to accessing higher education by providing affordable, convenient educational opportunities. The impact of these efforts will be measured by the ability to meet the following criteria:

  • Cultivate annual headcount enrollment of 36,909 students pursuing for-credit instructionSlightly fewer than half (47%) of students served will be adults age 25 and older
  • Increase the number of community and technical college students residing in its twelve most underserved counties by 750 students, a 50% increase over five years
  • Increase average net tuition rates overall at no faster a rate than the rate at which West Virginia median family income increasesIncrease the student financial aid participation rate by 10%

Goal 4

Provide resources to meet the needs of community and technical college students and employees.Community and technical colleges make their greatest contribution by growing a talented, skilled citizenry and creating opportunities for West Virginians.  Consequently, the System will garner the resources that are necessary to educate students and attract and retain qualified faculty and staff by using available resources as efficiently and effectively as possible. The success of strategies employed will be gauged by evaluating these indicators:

  • Generating $10 million in competitive grants and other external funding for West Virginia community and technical colleges
  • Creating $2.5 million in documented cost savings by implementing efficiency measures
  • Reducing the overall funding gap between West Virginia community and technical colleges and their peer community and technical collegesMinimizing the gap between West Virginia community and technical college faculty salaries and community and technical college faculty salaries nationally
  • Fully fund the salary schedule for classified employees

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