About CTCS


Sarah_Tucker_HeadshotSarah Armstrong Tucker, PhD
Chancellor for Community and Technical College Education
Phone: 304.558.0265
Email: tucker@wvctcs.org
Jim Skidmore, TAACCCT Grant Project Manager
Phone: 304.205.6747
Email: skidmore@wvctcs.org
Mark R. Julian, TAACCCT Director of Workforce and Economic Development
Phone: 304.558.0087
Renee Harvey, Grants Administrator
Phone: 304.558.0265
Email: harvey@wvctcs.org
June Heckel, Planning and Accountability Coordinator
Phone: 304.558.0265
Email: heckel@wvctcs.org
Janene A. Seacrist, Executive Assistant to the Chancellor

Phone: 304.558.0265
Email: seacrist@wvctcs.org
Angela S. Kerns, Executive Assistant/Council Liaison

Phone: 304.558.2411
Email: kerns@wvctcs.org
Heather Raines, Operations and Communications Coordinator

Phone: 304.558.0087
Email: raines@wvctcs.org
Susan Kuhn, TAACCCT Grants Finance Manager
Phone: 304.558.0087
Email: kuhn@wvctcs.org
Dr. Casey Sacks, Vice Chancellor

Phone: 304.558.0265
Email: sacks@wvctcs.org
Emily Ford, Interim Project Director, SPNEG

Phone: 304.558.0265
Email: ford@wvctcs.org