Rethink Your Future

West Virginia's Community and Technical College System can connect you with a program that allows you to re-imagine your future. A variety of hands-on programs allow you to obtain the skills you need to find real jobs.

Study Close To Home

CTCS is a system of West Virginia Colleges, meaning there are colleges located throughout the state, close to home, so you don't have to make massive lifestyle changes in order to pursue your education. Many colleges also offer online degrees or online classes -even more convenience!

Obtain a Degree or Transfer Your Credits

Community Colleges provide so many options for students of all walks of life. The program variety allows anyone to obtain a degree, certification, or skill in two years or less. These programs lead many students directly into successful careers. Additionally, students have the opportunity to seamlessly transfer their credits to a four-year institution. You can try college out and save money on your first two years before deciding to continue on to get a Bachelor's Degree!